Body Built Gym

Body Built Gym Wadebridge 

Welcome to our New facility located in Wadebridge!

We are a 24 hours weights based gym located in Wadebridge. We have a variety of pin and plate loaded machines and dumbbells ranging from 2.5kg - 70kg to cater for even the strongest of individuals. 


  • Primal Cable cross over
  • Primal Pro series T-Bar row
  • Primal Monster series 125kg stack lat pull down
  • Primal monster series dual leg extension & curl
  • Primal V3.0 half power rack
  • Primal monster series smith machine 
  • Primal monster series 30-45 degree leg press
  • Primal iso plate loaded chest press
  • Deadlift platform with 20mm plates up to 300kg
  • Metis Urethane dumbells 2.5kg-50kg in 2.5kg increments 
  • 60kg and 70kg steel dumbells 
  • Variety of accessories including Cuffs, handles and bars  
  • Fixed flat barbell bench press
  • Half power cage 

If you would like to book in an induction with the Owner you can do so by messaging the page or texting 07398893617, these can be booked MON-FRI between 19:00 - 21:00 and SAT-SUN any time required.